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My Journal


Entry #14

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This might be the quickest journal entry I've ever made but I just want people to know the basics of this situation and how good I am at understanding talent in this business.

>>>>>>>>       WE NEVER DATED         <<<<<<<<<<<<

When I first met this girl I had her come over my second apartment to have a conversation about what she did for a living. Now I'm not going to get into specifics but she came over and not only did we work together by making YouTube videos and photos but we also partnered up for patreon. Long story short it didn't really last long but we did make some money together. The only reason I want to make this journal entry is because when I was living in Russia; I saw her photos before she was popular at all and I knew she was special. Where we lived in Russia there were beautiful girls everywhere but I still knew she was special. Something about her beauty stood out so when I invited her over my place I told her this just like this. "I promise you, if you start making money on your own using the internet with professional photography and videos that you will never have to work again a day in your life. You are going to be famous... I guarantee it." I looked her dead in her eyes and told her that with full sincerity. And about 1 year after that she absolutely blew up. Hundreds of thousands of followers and all. She is traveling the world and doesn't have to worry about money at all as she had to back when I knew her in Russia. I am not taking responsibility for her career at all I think the photographer (Denis Miller) we both knew should get a lot of credit but I don't think she gives it to him. I remember one time she came over she told me about a contract that she may have to sign that was with a different photographer and company but I told her that I didn't think it was good for her to turn her back on a photographer who helped her become who she is. At the end of the day I don't really remember what she decided to do with that contract and what happened afterwards but I do know I did work with her again a little bit after that and there was a disagreement and we stopped working together again. But anyway I am proud of the girl but I have to admit she did lie to me about one thing that I found out was a lie on the internet because Russians find every and anything on the internet; you can't hide anything from them. It was publicized on Russian sites. I thought it was a real bad move for her career. You can find that information yourself I'm not going to talk about it here but anyway that's really it. It was cool to have known her before anyone else did in the public. LATA PEEPS

Her instagram <---- support her

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Entry 13

2022-11-02 23.42.11_1_1.gif

Littlexmoon had be the hardest challenge I've ever had when it came to getting someone to agree to work with me. First I had to follow her on Instagram for about 2 1/2 years before I ever even got in contact with her. She ignored all of my likes and comments. Luckily for me her profile was public because if it wasn't I'm sure she would have never accepted me in the first place. I used to watch her photos and videos and think how is it possible for a Russian girl to be so thick it drove me crazy at the time. She was very wide in comparison to every other girl she walked next to and her stomach wasn't even that big that is what I like the most.

        She had innocent photos and cute videos doing silly things with her friends she never ever tried to show off her big booty or anything of that nature. I know how I work whenever I look at a picture of a female I always try to see if they have curves, it is just natural for me and she has always had them. I actually got kind of desperate to contact her so I started contacting her friends and people who like her content on Instagram in order to get in touch with her. There was one girl that we both kind of knew and I offered that girl money to get me in contact with littlexmoon. I paid the girl and she did it. Not only did she put us in contact but before I even spoke to littlexmoon, she already agreed to meet me and talk business. Good job shout out yourself if you're reading this. Anyway when we met she was a little shy and untrusting but she needed money. I showed her everything I did and how much money I was making and that content created to not have to make nudity in order to make money. She had a low self-esteem but not extremely low as I would expect from a girl of her size in russia. The first two times we met up we didn't film anything but I would say at about the 3rd and 4th meeting we started filming regularly. She gave the best lap dances. She can make her butt clap on my crotch like only her Gabby and Marry can. Only these three girls knew how to clap that ass so well. Oh wait and maybe Nina too.

    But anyway filming with her was a thrill because we were both very flirtatious but she was very culture. She didn't believe in doing anything sexual with someone she is not in a committed relationship but obviously it has happened since I have a video of her giving me an ass job and I cum on her butt. One of the most fun videos I ever made. She also has really big breasts and she likes taking topless photos and videos. You can see all of her content on the fancentro page and yes it is completely worth it. She even has a hardcore with her ex-boyfriend that she gave to me as a gift so I can sell it. She is a sweet girl who actually cares about me at the end of the day.

   I did invite her out to where I am now to feel more hardcore but she refused and decided she wanted to do different things with her life and go in a different direction. I respect that and she was one of the best models I ever had and definitely she has the biggest butt next to Nina of any model I've worked with in Russia. Thick heaven for real this is a real thick girl top heavy and bottom heavy she is amazing

2022-11-02 23.42.11_1_2.gif

Entry 12


Today we are going to talk about the flexible one. Flexily as I call her. Meeting her was actually one of the best things that's ever happened to me because it opened me up to a completely new world of women. I was already into girls with nice butts but I didn't really appreciate the combination of flexible, curvy, and lightweight. This Triple Threat was introduced to me by her and I've been chasing this type of woman ever since. There is literally no better combination for me. Let's get to it.

          Back in Russia I did use Tinder a lot because it helped me to meet girls without going outside and hitting on them in public because a lot of times they would be shy or embarrassed to have a foreigner flirt with them in front of everyone else. Sometimes the girl could have friends who would break off their friendship because she is dating or interested in a foreigner especially a foreigner of color. It is rare but it does happen so using Tinder was a good way for me to meet girls and not embarrass them in public. When I saw flexily on Tinder I really didn't notice anything special about her at all not even a little to be honest. The photo she had on her page just made it look like she was your average girl so I just went for it because why not I am a guy and she's a girl who's not ugly. We matched and we started talking and we decided to have a meeting at my second apartment because I also wanted her to do some modeling for me. My goal necessarily wasn't sex it really wasn't, it was more of business.

           So she came over the second apartment and I remember it was Winter because she was wearing a sweater. As we sat down and talked about business I noticed she spoke some English. Apparently because she was dating or had dated some guys who spoke English. She was entertaining and not the most bubbly girl but enough to make me feel comfortable with her. At one point I remember standing up to go to my bedroom to get something and as I came out she was taking her sweater off and she was wearing tight jeans. This is a moment of my life that I will never forget. She had a nice little gap between her thighs a round bubble ass and a very small waist. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I thought it was fake for a second but they don't really do that in Russia the fake butt thing is extremely rare. I think the first thing I said to her when I saw her body was damn are you serious? She didn't understand what I was talking about but I was sure to explain to her that her butt legs and body all look superb. I can't lie immediately my intentions change once I saw her take her sweater off. I mean I got horny within 5 seconds. I will go further into what happened after this in the VIP telegram which you can access by joining the fancentro. But we did agree to do business and she made amazing photos and videos dancing and stretching. She was so cultured with Russian dances and knew a little hip hop too. Definitely a great girl but I will go deeper into the story about what she was secretly doing and about our most recent encounter in the year 2023 on the fancentros VIP telegram. Thanks for reading

Entry 11


Cathy is one of the most positive women I've ever met. I've never seen her have a bad day. She is always smiling making jokes and laughing. I think anybody would be pleased to have her in their presence. Negativity is something that she just has no time for regardless of all the crazy stuff she has been through in her life. This really impresses me.

                  Now for me to tell more about her private life and for intimate details between she and I go to the fancentro. I met Cathy through a friend. I rarely ever found models myself when I was in Russia I usually had girls go out and find them for me. Cathy was brought to me by a girl who I was pretty cool with. When I first met Kathy I was definitely impressed by her general size. In Russia girls are typically skinny but Cathy was not skinny she had little stomach it was a little chubby but had very large boobs. I'm mean really big. I was impressed by her breast.

               She came to me because she needed some money so she wanted to do modeling so I was more than happy to oblige. We did some photoshoots and some videos on and off for a few months until I lost contact with her for about a year. After that year she pops up again and we decided to work together again. I meet her and notice she has lost all the excess weight! I couldn't believe how skinny she got. She lost maybe 25 or 30 pounds. And honestly even though at the time I really liked thick girls I definitely prefer her thin form. The way her legs neck and torso looks is just perfect. Her breast will always be big no matter what she does so that doesn't really matter.

              Since she skinny now I decided to do some professional photoshoots with some of my other models that I've had been working with already. We had a photoshoot at BathHouse, my apartment, and even in a luxury house. We always enjoyed our photoshoots although the models always showing up a little late. Sort of like black people time. Cathy adores taking pictures and working online. Onlyfans and whatever, she enjoys making money with her body and she doesn't hide it. Although Russians have been banned from onlyfans there are other websites she that Russian girls use to make money. I will leave the link to her Instagram here in my journal for you guys. Just in case you want to know, she lost the weight with proper diet and working out. No starving herself or drugs. She hit the gym and did constant cardio. She is a girl that when she wants something she knows how to get it. Shout out to Cathy if you ever read this. I can not wait until we meet outside of Russia for some good hardcore videos. Will be awesome. :-)

Fancentro for her nudes and videos

Entry 10

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Spiceymary. She was a very interesting girl. She worked at a restaurant and the first day I saw her I was overtaken by lust. I had to have her. My first goal was to make sure she was an 18 years of age or older. I frequented the restaurant maybe for about 2 weeks straight at least every other day until I spoke to her. I got her name and her Instagram and then we started to communicate. She kind of looked like the manager of her restaurant and I was a little nervous because me and her manager already had some sexual tension going on so I was hoping they were not related to make things even more awkward in the restaurant but as luck would have it they were not related.

         I found out that she was 19 years old single and she had very very low self-esteem. I mean I understand it because in Russia the skinny girls dominate. She was a thick girl with a little bit of a stomach chubby face and really wide hips and a big ass. Her waist was oddly small in comparison to her body but because she was chubby it wasn't too obvious but if she were to squeeze her shirt around her waist it would sink in so far because her bones were so close together in her waist. It was pretty insane if she lost weight she would be one of the curviest girls I ever seen because her bone structure is actually curvier than her meat structure if you know what I mean. But anyway we started seeing each other and the sex was absolutely incredible. We made photos and videos together which you can see on the fancentro. She didn't know how to twerk or really dance but she tried her best to make good content for me because she needed me and I needed her. Every job she had was always at a restaurant and it never really paid her enough because she was taking care of her five little brothers and sisters. She's been taking care of children her whole life so she basically will never want kids cuz she's already been dealing with that enough as it is. She's cried on numerous occasions when drinking at my place talking about she hates being ugly and why doesn't anyone like her besides me. And I told her there are guys out there who like you but they are ashamed to say so because in the culture you have here in Russia it is not common to like girls who can be seen as overweight.

                      You are cute I'm sure no one denies that you have big blue eyes and a gorgeous nose. But if you really want guys to like you out in the open your only option is to lose weight. And about 4 months after I told her that we met up and she lost about 30 lb. It was incredible and that is when we made the photoshoot with her wearing the blue shorts which you can see on our fancentro. She gave me a great lap dance in lingerie as well that week. I was very proud of her she was much happier doing that time. We saw each other on and off for maybe 3 years. This girl is very cool very sweet and I do miss her to be honest hopefully one day I can see her again but nothing's for sure since I left the Russia

Entry 9


This is one of my favorite girls of all time. At least top 5 when it comes to sex and attraction. I had a huge racial incident with this girl in Russia dealing with her being racist to a person of color right in front of me in public. This was an eye opener but I will only get into this story on my VIP telegram which you van access by joining the fancentro. Check it out. I will also have nudes of girls in my journal entries included.

        Ok so lets get to how I met her. This was some years back and I was actually on a date with a pretty blond twerk girl who was smart as hell and she even wore glasses. I was having a good date, what could go wrong? Well as we ate at this restaurant that was outdoors and a lady who worked there was behind the counter serving alcohol. i did not see her body at this time but i did notice how cute and tall she was. I remember me and my date having a friendly argument about cats when the girl finally came out from behind the counter to ask us if we wanted anything more. I was at a lost for words.... OMG. Hips, ass and skinny. My type 100% a slim thick girl. Ass was so jiggly it drove me crazy how her ass wiggled every step she took. The cute face just topped it off. I was stuttering when answering her. My date didnt really care because she was really cool and understood the type of guy i was, she knew I was seeing many girls and she didnt mind at all. I hatched a plan..

        I decided to go to the counter once we needed anything so I can get her instagram when I was away from my date. I waited til we needed something and then I took off. Went right up to her and i bitched out.... I was nervous. But the good news was that I lived across the street from this restaurant so I knew I could try again later. I was so into this redhead that I took my date home pretty fast after that and fucked her just so i could send her home in time to go back to the restaurant before it closed and I did just that! When I got to her the second time I was ready for war. I just said "can i get your insta, you are so adorable" and she replied "YES! I am so happy you came back I was curious to know more about you" in Russian. I was hype, we exchanged instas and then I went home.

        About a week later we we met up and had a date. We talked and I learned some interesting things about her. She was definitely younger than I thought. 18 on the dot. She was working at the bar as a summer job. She was working and living alone since she was 16! her parents abandoned her. Sad story. This is why at work she seemed so mature but in private OMG she was just like a typical teenager. She was a little annoying and always had unlimited energy. Plus she was pretty strong so play fighting was a little painful. She was like a boss for real whenever she was around other girls she constantly took the dominant girl spot in every group. Her smile lit up my day too. 

        We were not sexually involved the first go around. It actually took 1 years before we started fucking. It was worth the wait. But how sex even came up was super interesting but I will leave that in the VIP telegram on the fancentro ... for more details and nudes on this girl join the VIP tele and I got you. Shes a real special girl to me so i do not want to say too much in public

Entry 8

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Lets go! Gabbythebooty. The first girl I ever made a hardcore with, with the intentions of making money. THAT ASS! Remarkable. She is blessed lord knows. Its soft, jiggly, round, smooth, and can take a good pounding as many of you saw already on our onlyfans. She is really pretty too. She reminds me of a certain celebrity. I do miss her honestly, altho she was damn near perfect she did end up introducing me to someone I actually liked better mentally and physically. Something I really thought was impossible. For real. So lets get into it.

         We originally connected thought a hookup app. I think it was tinder. This was way back. We matched and agreed to meet at my place. She was shy, cute and was basically like a sweet nerd with a phat ass and abs. A deadly combo. But what was interesting is that she never showed it off. I knew she had an ass at the time although she wore big pants everyday back then and I knew she had abs only because I would tickle her sometimes. Our relationship back then, we were just friends. We did nothing sexual maybe except kiss. I really do not remember. She was young and had no experience. I did not want to make her uncomfortable and ruin things by trying to push her to do things she was not ready for. I was a gentleman i guess. It played the long game. I did like her that is without a doubt.

            We lost contact for like a year and a half.. ("and if she took her pins out then her hair would drop down to her calves") but one day I randomly saw her on the corner of my block pushing a stroller wearing small tight shorts, makeup and a tube top. DAMN!!!!!! WTF HAPPENED? She was looking edible, just too hott. Tanned skin and all. I damn near got hard. I had to ask her about the baby and she told me it was her niece. She was just baby sitting. Awesome. We agreed to meet later that day and we did. We spent about 5 hours outdoors together where I learned how dramatically her life had change. (JOIN THE VIP TELEGRAM FOR FULL STORY I was shocked. I could not believe this was the same shy girl who would come visit me for fun and would never want anyone looking at her ass. Time can change anything. 

        Now it felt as if I was with a woman. Not a shy girl. We made youtube videos together sometimes and were constantly flirting. She was working somewhere but she really wanted to quit and be more independent. One thing about her though is that she always had a long distance relationship with guys in other Countries who would send her money but she constantly lied to them. Constantly. It showed me that she could not be trusted. This will become important later. I had my twerk business going and we spoke about working together. She was nervous at first only because she thought she was bad at twerking and felt all would laugh at her attempts. HELL NO I told her. Im like "with that ass, u can just sit in your videos and not move, guys would still watch and pay!" She did not believe me but soon as we started she saw the money coming in and she was satisfied with the business. She made the videos and I sold them. Good partnership. Her dishonesty was a big turn off and one day she introduced me to MARRYTHEBOOTY, a girl I found more attractive and trust worthy. Her story coming soon.

      The hardcore.. this story has some good elements to it. Join the fancentro to learn the story and see the hardcore; or you can see the hardcore on onlyfans OR you can join our Patreon at the top tier to see every video we ever made. About 160 of them, mostly twerk and nudes


Entry 7

zop6 (10).jpg

Volleyballpawg! This was a cool story because my homie had my back on this one. I probably would have never noticed her if my friend did not tell me. She was out on a smoking break and my friend who is into skinny girls goes "yo P! Check out that girls ass, it is huge!" and sure enough it was gigantic. I mean a huge bubble on a bbw girl. DAMN. My heart skipped a beat. I knew I had to make a move but I was too nervous at the time. We spotted her having a smoke break outside her hotdog stand on the same block where I lived so I know I'd have a chance later. I had time to get my balls up and plan an apporach.

         A few weeks went by and I saw her maybe 2 times a week and I kept trying to make eye contact and it would not work. She never really looked at me while she was working because she was always on her phone or talking to a customer. It was frustrating. I got a little tired of being such a bitch so maybe on the 5th pass by maybe month after knowing about her I finally made the approach. I bought a drink that was like the russian equivalent to a gatorade and some chips. I noticed she did not give me much attention as I was buying the stuff so I decided to crack a joke in Russian and it landed! She laughed and then I asked for her instagram and she gave it. I GOT THE CONTACT :-)

    About 4 months went by with no results. I kept asking her out and she would either ignore the question or she would prolong the date. It was hard work. My curiosity was peeked because Russian girls were to rarely built like that. I had to get to know her on a 1 on 1 basis you know? I got a random call from her on a random ass wednesday night and she was drunk. She was with her friend and she asked me "Hey, dont you live on the block where I work?" and I told her "yea". She asked "Can me and my friend come over? It is late and we do not want to go home yet". I was like "Hell yea! I got more drinks and everything". And they came. 

      Damn she was a heavy drinker. She was a little butchy, deep voice, hunch posture and bad words constantly flew out her mouth. It was intimidating as hell but she was respectful to me. My Russian is so so but she spoke Russian slang heavy so I barely understood her and her girlfriend. Her friend was fine as Russian girls usually are. Thin and pretty. But screw that I was focused on this rarity that is volleyballpawg with all dat ass! We flirted with each other and drank like "real Russians" as she put it. My ass was drunk as hell and when im drunk I can not hide what I want. I decided to put it on the line and I asked her... "lets go upstairs, just me and you. cool?" She replied "let me talk to my friend first".

       Her and her friend begin to talk in secret and then immediately the friend gives me a hug, a smile and says "text me another day, she is ok with it" they laugh and then the friend leaves. It wasnt weird that the friend offered me to contact her because my apartment was luxurious and these girls were obviously broke so they just wanted to stay close to a foreigner with money. I was like "ill text ya!" After the friend left we went upstairs and got it on. THAT ASS WAS SO BIG. A little firmer than i expected but it was a huge relief. She let me control the whole situation. But this was a one time thing we did not meet again for another 6 months....

     About 6 months later once again at about 3 in the morning on a work night she texts me. This time she is alone leaving a black party and she needed attention. She came over to my second apartment, we banged again and after this we began to make content and meeting often. The rest is history. See our photos and videos on FANCENTRO , youll love em.


Entry 6
My Ex (and her twin)

80522698_10221103828649372_8881152916769996800_n (1).00_00_00_00.Still001.jpg

My ex. That was an interesting ride 100%. Here I will talk about how our dating life went and how the pandemic affected us. For the story of how I broke 4.. not just one but 4 personal rules in order to get her in the first place, you will have to get that from the Fancentro. I did things to about 3 people in one night in order to get her. I never broke my ass like that before. It showed me how aggressive I can be when I really want something. We all have this drive in us to do things that we normally wouldn't do for someone we really want in a sexual way. I did what I had to do, LEGALLY. Check the Fancentro, anyway lets go.

Dating her was a very very wild adventure. She was very voluptuous. About a .66 waist hip ratio, C cub boobs and an adorable face. Where I was living at the time a girl like her was rare. Most girls were white and skinny but she was brown and thick. Most people thought she was not Russian at all. They thought she was brazilian or some type of Country where they practice Islam. She loved to dance, cook, draw and sometimes get drunk. I would not say she had a drinking problem but sometimes she drank too much. Dating her I realized that drinking was not needed to have fun. Not saying she was a drunk but when she got drunk she always did things to remind me that she was unpredictable when under the influence of Alcohol. I remember one time she slapped me for example. One time she even threatened to call the police because I wanted to prevent her from leaving the apartment when she was piss faced drunk trying to leave ALONE to get mothers house at 3 am. This was in Russia. I did not want no police around me at all for any reason.

                 Hell I was no angel. I had many other girls while I was with her including her twin (I will get to that in another entry). She knew of it though and agreed that I could do it. I even had a date with her and one of my other girls before. Did not work out. I have been in a few throuples before which I will make entries about in due time. Me ex did not like that I had other women but I think because I was able to take her on numerous vacations and help pay her bills because of the good income I had I think she just dealt with it. We argued I think as much as the average couple. We screamed and yelled but I never got physical with her but she did hit me in 2 different occasions. Her mom liked me as a man and wanted us to get married. My ex was already in her 30's, way older than I prefer but she was special so I dealt with it. Also she spoke English which was comfortable for me.

                We did make some photos and videos without her face in it. She made some extra bucks but at the end of the day I was not comfortable with her getting hit on by all of these random guys sliding in her DMs even if they were paying. I guess I had some insecurities and trust issues. Women like her were too rare where I was living to lose her. I'd never find another like that in Siberia. To be honest thought I have been to other place sin the world where women like her are typical but at this time I had never been to any of these exotic places yet. I did not trust her too much with money. I gave her my credit card one time for new years and instantly regretted it. Also one time I gave her $120 when it was supposed to be $100, she counted it and did not mention that I gave extra money. I was heart broken. Even if she was with me for money I don't care I had an awesome year and a half. I mean hell yea it was good. Completely worth it. She wanted Children but I could not have children with someone I did not trust. So I let her go.

    Private time with her was splendid and how we met was unbelievable. FANCENTRO got it all. More videos and photos and well. Check us out

Entry 5


Be sure to think hard before you do anything you are unsure about. A split second decision can change your life forever or even, end your life... Lets get to it. 


So this goes back about 9 years ago. I was popular in Russia and I loved to use the Russian website which is like the Russian Facebook. Back then this website was awesome, it had a bunch of girls, free music, movies and no ads! It was heaven. This website helped me to become popular even more then Youtube did. I had so many followers, maybe like 30k at this time. Mostly girls. WOHOO! Some of these girls I actually talked to on the normal. Any girl who was pretty, single and was willing to meet some time. One of these girls was Sasha. She lived in a city that was south of where I was in Moscow. Maybe a 2 hour flight I guess. We constantly talked about meeting. She had connections to a English school I was able to do speaking clubs in to make money while I was there. FUCK YEA! I told her to set it up and she did.

              When I arrived in her city I noticed that this city was most definitely the most hip-hop loving city in the Country. I call it the "Gangster Capitol of Russia." Had people of many non-white origins which made me feel more comfortable although I still did not blend in. lol. She has 2 close pretty friends who we constantly spent time with. One had a great ass but I fought the urge to hit on her because that would have been rude. I did a good number of speaking clubs and even met some real cool rapper Russian dudes who were real gangstas too. I felt safe, I liked the aura this city had + it did not get too cold there like in Moscow and St.Petersburg. What could go wrong? Im happy, she is happy, we have a big ass dog and many friends what can go wrong?

          Well one thing about Sasha is she was a real nymphomaniac. She was not shy to talk about this even in the open. On 1 episode from our youtube channel we had a lil convo, I said "Hey baby, why do you like me so much?" she replied "because of you big black dick! BBC!" This was released on youtube. We both liked the video as we laughed and read comments. Most were positive but of course we had some negative ones too but by this time I was used to it. We were encouraged to make more and more videos talking about different topics mostly dealing with out sexual lives. A black guy with a big penis and a skinny blonde girl with blue eyes, people loved us. Match made in heaven? lol not really

             Porn... hm.. at this time I never did it but it was something she was really into. She had made some with a previous boyfriend but I am not sure if she uploaded them or not. I do not remember. We talked about making some ourselves. Not to sell, just to show people the magic we make in the bedroom. We made youtube videos asking our subs if we should make one or not. About 90% of them were like "hell yea!" I already had a camera because I was a youtube guy so why not? One night I was horny and so was she (as always). We decide to film her giving me head while I was on the computer and then I hit it from the back on the bed about an 1 later. Both included Cumshots. RAW. The videos are still circulating the internet til this day. They are easy to find. We were happy with the product, but did we have to show people? 

    We talked about releasing it. I tried to explain to her that I was black so it was a bad idea. Youtube was kinda bad for her to do with me because some locals and Russian Nationalists can and will post nasty things about her calling her a whore, bitch and race traitor. WHICH DID HAPPEN. But she did not listen to me. She was kind of a care free girl. Almost like a hippie if you will. She loves to smile and laugh and she was never mean to me. I do not think she understood the depth of what we were getting into being a pretty blond girl doing an interracial scene with a black guy who already has many racist haters. She really didn't care and wanted to prove me wrong by uploading it. We did it together, as consenting adults. We uploaded the videos to xvideos then went to sleep.

      Around 3 o'clock in the morning her phone kept vibrating like crazy. NON STOP. I mean for maybe 10 minutes straight. I woke her up and was like "damn your phone tripping". She picks it up and looks at it for maybe 7 seconds before she sprint top speed to the computer. I had an idea what happened. I just did not know if it was bad or terrible, there is a difference. About 1 minute goes by before she RUNS back in the room, looks at me with tears in her eyes and screams....  GET FULL STORY BY JOINING OUR FANCENTRO


Entry 4 Love.Randalin


O boy here we go. This one goes way way back. Now let me say first off that I never met her in person but I am partially responsible for her career. I am not claiming she owes me anything but I am a little surprised that it is impossible for me to get a line back from her on any platform. I thought she would keep in touch with me at least once a year. But nothing...

        So back in the days I used to make videos on youtube called "Top Pawgs" where I would rate big butt white models and I would ask my fans "smash pass or cuff" at the end of the videos. The page at its peak was at about 20k i think. It was eventually deleted because you know how youtube be strict with sexual content. I did not find all of the models myself that I spoke about on that channel, I had many of my followers searching for me. One day one guy told me that he knows a monster big booty girl who hides it at all costs. He said she is very shy and maybe a little embarrassed to have a big ass like that. He said "she has the biggest white ass in the world" which turned out to be true...

        I got the instagram and looked at it. It was hard to tell because she did not really wear revealing clothes but it is hard to hide something of that size. Not just the ass, but the hips as well. One photo stood out. She was wearing a big dress or skirt and she was taking a photo with friends and her body was to the side. DAMN!!! There it is. I was able to tell by how far out the skirt was poking out. It could not be hidden, that ass was phat. So hell I friend requested her and she accepted. Within a few days I wrote her about making money off of her booty because I am sure many guys like it. She wasn't sure about it. She said it was not really her thing. I was like "lets do a live chat and see what people think. A live right here on my youtube channel." We did it, and for the life of me I CAN NOT FIND THE INTERVIEW ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET, IT IS 100% GONE. The channel got deleted and nobody saved it

          The interview went well. I think we used skype so sorry it might not have been live but it was video chat interview. She was kind, cute, fun and energetic during our chat. She was not too shy to talk about the attention her ass got and the things guys said when she walks by. During the interview I brought up multiple times that she is missing out on a lot of money by not making money off that ass. This is important. Days following the interview she started uploading semi sexy photos. She started showing off the booty...

         About a month or two went by and she started to generate a buzz. We were not working together, she was not with TOPPAWGS but she did call herself "A Top Pawg" on her instagram at the beginning. Around this time a porn video came out with a really big ass bbw white girl getting it doggystyle on a bed with black and white striped sheets, many people thought that was her. I asked her and she was like "hell no!". So we decided to do another interview that I was to upload to my channel afterwards so people knew it was not her. I also did a separate video myself to further drive in that point. Like the first interview... the second interview is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND :-(. It is crazy. I was thinking of offering people money to find them or just 1 of them. 

          About 2 months after the second interview she fully embraced the idea of making money off her ass. She was featured on tosh.0 and a few other major networks interviewed her or spoke of her including Dr.Phil. She blew up completely! I was proud and happy. But as years went on it became harder and harder to talk to her. I even this year 2023 paid her through her onlyfans just for a reply and got nothing. I am just hoping I can get a message from her one day to just know how her life has changed since our interviews and if my words really helped her to change her life. I believe that they have but I just want to be sure.   


Entry 3

free video
from her

WOW. If i didnt know any better I would now say that Liza is the most filmed girl I have in my archive. It seems like it because we took big breaks but filmed so many years together on and off. Great girl, better model and good friend. Sexy... can not leave that out. But before we were close things started like this;

         I was looking for models to work with in the city I was living in, in Russia. I had lots of girls on the streets finding models for me. I was too lazy to hit the pavement myself, screw that. I was the boss so I cut myself slack. Made the money work, why not?

       So one day a girl of mine told me she found a great girl for me. It was not a random girl, it was a girl that she knew already. She described her as tall, sexy, and obedient. She said this girl was in need of money and would be a great model. I was hoping she was not exaggerating  

          A few days later LIZA came over. I was impressed by her looks but even more impressive was that at the time she had no man. No boyfriend. It was strange, she was really sexy to be single or to not have a sugar daddy. I asked her about it and she just shrugged it off. She did not want anyone. She was fine alone. Not happy but fine. So we started working together....

          A few years go by and we worked on and off. One day she came over and she was going to do a photoshoot for such a cheap price. I could not understand it. Why so cheap? I started to think maybe she liked me... no way. She can have any guy, why would she want me? Weird. Lemme ask her. It asked and she did not say no. I was an indirect answer, but her eyes said it all... Join the Fancentro for the full story and our nude photoshoots

Entry 2
Riya & Siya

Free video before
and after the filming

This is a crazy story!!! Absolutely crazy. This was in Turkey some time back maybe a year and a half ago. I was really trying to get into the adult business and little do many people even know but this business is legal in Turkey. Shocker huh? go google it. Porn and prostitution are both legal. Yea it is like a European / Muslim society. 2 in 1. Anyway...

    I was so lost where I was. (I will not mention the city here) I was getting no luck. It was a lot of sneaky people in the business here and I was getting tired of it. For real. I started watching an episode of "American Greed" and it inspired me to not give up and to go out and try again. So I said "FUCK IT" and I picked a random spot to go to and see what I can find. So I left...

   When I got to the area I was surprised to see many black people there. WOW. I am not alone. lol. I felt welcomed. The area was kind of crappy though. If i did not meet a girl at least I found a place where I can blend in with the others. As I walked down one street I saw a pack of like 6 arab looking guys following 1 girl who was dressed like a street worker. So I decided to walk in that direction because I figured there has to be some interesting stuff over there. As I walked passed one of the clubs the guys hanging out front of the place convinced me to enter the establishment with promise of tits and ass. I heard that many times in this city and was disappointed, but little did I know...  

         This place was lit!!! Most girls here were way more attractive than the other girls at the other places ive been. They were also more energetic and positive. I sat down asap and bought a beer. I was feeling good. I spoke to one thick mature woman and one cute skinny cutie maybe 20 years old until I saw this super thick and curvy girl with brown skin and dark wavy hair. I was in shock... I could not stop staring. I asked the manager if I could talk to her since he was offering me a good time. He told me "Any other girl except her... she is off limits". DAMN! I figured to give up. About 5 minutes later she came over to me herself and showed me her phone translated into English saying "Hi, lets dance". I was hype. I told her "let us talk first, have a seat and a drink". She sat down and we really vibed and we decided to leave together within 20 minutes of talking.

Just as we were about to leave, some girl comes in and says "BYE SISTER!" and this girl was O MY FUCKING GOD .................. See Full video and story by joining the fancentro page

Entry 1

Free video of her
at my place

So if I remember this correctly, she was AMAZING! I first found her when I was just cruising the internet to find models to work with on Patreon. This was I think 2018 or something. I was still living in Russia at this time and I was still really trying to get my foot into the business. Her page back then was not so special. She did not twerk yet and she rarely made videos or photos showing her big ass. But this did not stop me from noticing that she was back packing. 

     As some time went on I gathered the courage to talk to her and try to get her to work with me, she agreed, I was shocked. But she was so wet behind the ears at this time with the business and everything. She barely know anything about making money on the internet, she only knew of webcam which she did not do at this time. We started working together and we made some money monthly. Awesome

    But one day. lol. It only takes one. I was feeling her a little more than usual. I really wanted to meet her. She lived about 1000 miles away but after seeing one twerk video she made I decided to try my luck again with her but this time it would be personal and not business. At this time I was in good physical shape, I asked her to check out my instagram and decide if she wanted to fly out and meet me to make "twerk videos". Yea I wanted to do that but I also wanted to do other things of course. She checked out my photos and asked "wow this is you?", and I said "yes!" She agreed to come

    A few weeks later her plane landed and I was nervous as hell. She got a taxi from the airport and told me to meet her outside. I went outside, saw her walking and..... JOIN OUR FANCENTRO FOR FULL STORY

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